A Specialty Plant Nursery & Educational Center

Midsummer Farm in Warwick, New York is a teaching farm, an herb farm, a successful homestead, and a plant and seedling nursery. Our growing practices are inspired by natural patterns and ecosystems. To expand and develop your knowledge and experience, join us for our workshops on growing herbs, herbalism, organic gardening, homesteading, biodynamics, and permaculture.

When you take a workshop or attend an event at our little haven here at Midsummer Farm, you don't just learn about the topic at hand, you also :

  • Re-engage with nature and natural methods

  • Connect with like-minded people

  • Find inspiration

  • Rejuvenate your spirit and energy

  • And you can't help but live and feel better!

Join us and continue your journey toward natural and self-sufficient living! 

Our Plants

We are currently propagating and planning our 2023 plant selection. We will start taking orders in early spring. Our nursery grows a huge selection of herbs and native perennials as well as vegetable and garden plants. All of our plants are grown organically and with care to ensure they are vibrantly healthy.

How to buy our Plants

In 2024, we will be selling our plants 3 ways:

  • On-line ordering with drive-through pick up
  • Individual by appointment shopping
  • And in-person shopping event days!

Educational Center

We work to provide a variety of learning experiences. Some of our programs are structured and some are experiential and informal. We do short 2-hour workshops as well as 3-day intensives and full season courses on big topics like permaculture, homesteading, and herbalism. All of our programs are taught from a beyond-organic, holistic and artisanal perspective. We also are now offering an on-line Seed Starting workshop and are working on other virtual learning experiences. And we do farm tours and private consultations and custom talks as well.

Our Mission -

Helping People Create Vital, Nature-Inspired Gardens and Farm-stead Spaces

Everything we do is beyond organic, artisanal in practice, and restorative to the land, animals, and people. We are driven to teach and share this successful model. We don’t just talk theories, we pursue small-scale realities. Our goal is to make backyards, micro-farms, and homesteads productive and fulfilling. Everything we teach reflects what we wish we could have accessed when we first started out in farming.

Get in Touch with Us

To learn more about our plants, our nursery openings, and our educational services, please feel free to reach out to us today.