Hosting Your Group or Club at Midsummer Farm and Guest Lecturing

We'd be happy to host your group or club here at Midsummer Farm. We can work with you to come up with a customized program that fits your group's needs.

We've done events on herbs, gardening, holistic health, cooking, making pet food, and more. We can do tours, simple lectures, field-to-table meals, or full workshops.

Take a look at our list of workshops for inspiration and to get an idea of what we can do.

Pricing will depend on the time and supplies needed as well as the size of your group.

At certain times of the year, we may have plants and seedlings available for sale or vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, eggs, etc.

Barbara also enjoys doing lectures and demos off-farm at other venues. Most of our workshops can be adjusted for content and time. Please look over the workshops we offer to get some ideas on what you might want to develop for your group.

Let us know if you want to start brainstorming a fun event for your group or club!

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