Testimonials on Our Permaculture Design Certificate Program

Taking the PDC through Midsummer Farm is one of the best things I have done for my home, family, and business. I utilized the principles I learned and practices in class everyday in some form or another. The instruction and information was excellent, the guest speakers were informative and enjoyable, and my classmates have become friends and supporters. What a wonderful experience! 

~Betty Lovett
B&B StoneHouse Farms
Greenville, NY

I have enjoyed all the classes at Midsummer Farm. I have learned so much to enhance my efforts to leading a sustainable full life. Barb and Mark are extremely knowledgeable and have enriched the lives of all that come to the farm. Permaculture class is an amazing journey and experience.

~Patti Van Engelen

A world opens up that you didn't know existed - Let the evolution continue! This intensive course is a great investment. It changed my life.

~Kae Kotarski 

Great overview of permaculture. The guest teachers were very informative and inspiring, Barbara and Mark are living the permaculture life - who better to teach it!

~Amy Dudash Robinson


~Raphael Cox

I started classes at Midsummer Farm two years ago. It changed my life! I had an empty canvas of property and new building blocks of learning, taught by an amazing teacher - Barbara Laino. My understanding of the earth, homesteading, and permaculture has created a sense of peace, grace, patience, passion, and wellness within my life. This life and knowledge I can now share with my family, friends, clients, and the community that surrounds me, I am forever grateful - words cannot express my gratitude - thank you!

~Jessica Campbell

An excellent class! I would recommend it wholeheartedly to all my friends. I would especially miss Barbara's lunches. I would just apply for another class just to come back to have lunch. Barbara's kindness and generosity are absolutely impressive! Thank you Barbara for making my weekends so satisfying. Thanks a million!

~Keiko Sakai

If you want a PDC course that feels real - not some purely "by the book" approach, this is it. I was so inspired by what Barbara has done here at Midsummer Farm and equally inspired by the people in my class. This was great grounding for permaculture design thinking in an environment that's comfortable, friendly, and warm.

~Aysha Venjara