Alder – Speckled or Grey (quart pot)


Alnus incana ssp. rugosa

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Speckled or Grey Alder Tree – Small deciduous native tree – (up to 25′)

Larval Host of Comma Butterfly; Nitrogen Fixing for improving health of wooded soils.

Likes moist soil, great for edges of water. If trimmed, Alder can form a thicket. Acts as a nice layer in establishing forest gardens as it is a smallish tree as well.

Bark was boiled to make medicinal teas for treating rheumatism. It was also applied to wounds as a poultice to reducing bleeding and swelling. A dark dye can be extracted from the bark for tanning and staining hides.

All of our plants and seedlings are grown organically and are timed size-wise and transplanted for optional growth and production.