I am always looking for new ways to create diversity and add food products to my garden farm. Growing micro greens and shoots is a great addition as they add a lot of zing and beauty as well as nutrients to recipes, and they also require different physical demands. I grow them on tables and in trays filled with fresh and clean certified organic soil so there is no digging or bending. They are also super fast growing – depending on the type of seed, you could be eating them in 2-3 weeks. The seed to poundage of harvest has a higher ratio than growing full grown plants. But many seed companies offer lovely varieties of seeds specifically for shoots and micros at nice pricing which helps balance the cost ratio a bit.

My favorites are pea shoots – fresh zingy fresh pea flavor without the fuss of growing peas. They are great in salads as well as cooked quickly in sautés. I also love sunflower shoots as well beet, mustard, cress, and arugula!

Check out a short video I made on growing these diverse additions to a garden farm.

Close Up of Seed-Spacing in Micro Trays

Trays just Sprouting