This Fermented Comfrey Tea Is for Plants Only – Not for Human Consumption!

This is a “Compost Tea” of sorts, made with fresh or dried comfrey leaves and fermented to build up a community of good bacteria. It is so easy to make and comfrey is a prolific grower so you can always have a great stock of super-nutritious fertilizer for your plants.

I use a 5-gallon bucket.


  1. Harvest and roughly chop enough comfrey leaves and stems to fill bucket about 1/3
  2. Fill the bucket with water.
  3. Find a nicely branched stick – I trim it to look like a whisk – and give the comfrey a good stir.
  4. You will want to plan to stir the bucket at least twice a day.
  5. Take time with stirring – create a vortex then switch and stir in the other direction. Get it nice and swirling and bubbling. What you are trying to do is keep the water oxygenated.
  6. In hot weather like this, I keep the buckets in a semi-shady location. I also put it where I know I will be visiting often so I remember to stir it. I keep it by the chicken coop or rabbit hutches.
  7. In about 2 weeks, it will be dark-colored. The leaves will be slimy-looking. And it will smell. But that means it is ready!
  8. Strain it and either put it into a watering can or a spritzer bottle. You can make a big batch and put it in a backpack sprayer. It is great for the plants both sprinkled on the soil under them or spritzed on their leaves to be absorbed foliarly.

You will see a difference in a couple days of using it!