I like to grind my pet food all together. I feel it takes the stress out of the possible dangers of bones. And I also know that my food is well mixed and that my pickier cats can’t just separate out the stuff they don’t like!

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Here’s a quick rundown of my usual procedure….

Gather all your ingredients first. Work toward a variety of different types of ingredients. 

A rainbow of vegetables will provide a diverse group of antioxidants.

Organ meats, like these organic chicken hearts provide nutrients such as Amino Acids and B-vitamins.

Keeping your chicken necks cold even still a bit frozen will make grinding much easier. Warm meat will gum up the grinder and make you clean it out halfway through grinding.

Alternating vegetables and seeds/nuts with the meat will also keep the grinder cleanly grinding. 

It will also help in the mixing it together thoroughly later.

It just looks healthy and vibrant! And it smells good too – the garlic and vegetables and herbs makes it smell meat-loaf-like.

This is a messy process so I like to make a big batch and get it over with all at once. I freeze a big batch. Each morning I simply take out what I would need for the next day and let it thaw in fridge.

I shape the mixture into serving-size meatballs for each of my specific pets. I freeze the meatballs on baking sheets, and then store them in plastic bags. This makes it easy to take out exactly how many I will need each day.